if you are going on a space mission >
you have to be careful about your stores

and you should behave so nobody can have any objection about :..
so you will not create any suicide bombers > to end your voyage >

the same goes for any planet !

the meaning of life


so ......
galactic design ....... should be for humans ......

not for frustrating them .... untill they are fighting back !

 all new

the right nurishment .... and enough rest is the key to a heathy population !

and only a heathy human will have a heathy mind .....

having the capacity to design a future for all eternity !

 geo climate

to save this world from the world war 3 > we need to save the climate

from having a new great flood coming up 200'

so we dont need any >> cows on the range ..... they just make people sick long term !

and produce a lot of methane ..... no sheep or any animals it all ....

hunting will provide enough meat for all ..... actually not needed it all .....

and if we use geo thermal technology for heating and cooling >

we can save all this energy ....

geo thermal climatization

and if we realize ..... traveling can be an addiction > like from heroin .....

like from fast food ..... like from alkohol .... like from driving a car .... sugar !

then we can live just great on hydro electric power alone .... including electric rail ways

until you can realize alternative means ..... but no wind power stations !

except where there is no alternative ... since it will destroy the environment there !


with the vector fin proa proagenesis org

we have the means to circle the planet with out one drop of fossils !

refuse from nucleur power stations are a resource .... not a problem
this can be used for many a year to create energy 

until those elements are coming to be .... none dangerous lead

reservoirs .... having endless benefits >

simultaneously bridges over the river!
no floods> downriver !
all year round uniform water flow
meaning at any time the right amount of energy produced

more fish > and with fish ladders
at the same time a method of catching fish !

leisure options
more inland waterways!

with a pipe from the bottom of the lake
even automatic fertilization > irrigation
of the fields below the lake!

and safety ?
with the right design > their can be no problem !

why do you have no  health system ???
but create work and diseases in masses !

there is the possibility > for >>>
each virus > bacteria in the body to destroy !

with sodium chlorate and vinegar to acidify
this taken in ever increasing amounts with water
or through the mucous  > intravenous > on the skin !

and the only side effect > is the effectiveness !
because all those killed naturally must be disposed
so there prevails a kind of poison symptom briefly
by all those now dead  pathogens !

depending on strength of the dose > so the effect !

the good intestinal bacteria are not attacked
the good body cells > so they are not cancer cells !

so ... any cancer will cured > too
without these side effects of chemo therapy !!!
or radiation !!! ... this butchering ....

eg > malaria can practically cured overnight !
everything will just oxidize any to the body harmful !

the same can be done with hydrogen peroxide !

in an oxygen rich environment  .... no pathogen
no sick cell  can live !

it needs an oxygen starved body and acidic condition .....

the basic body can be had > with soda > with lemon
so the stomach does not too influence !!!

for a body with acidification by wrong foods
and stress !!! ... to compensate .....

and now the best >>> the vegetables !
onions > broccoli > tomatoes > beetroot > carrots + teir green tops

and the fruit > blackberry > raspberry > apples > cherries
help the immune system > with their sulforaphane and flavoniods
prevent any disease and eliminate > including cancer>

by switching the right genes on > so avoid becoming sick !

important > chop everything > and cook only a few minutes
otherwise a lot
will be lost ...

we also need olive oil > raps > peanut .....

and for vitamin b12 supply
each meal some meat > a egg > or a small fish >
because the bigger > the more the heavy metals to accumulate >
also sour kraut > but only the natural >
without being heated ...

then .... oats is the healthiest cereal of them all >
you do not even need to cook it >

and rice > but broken up shortly before
then cooked only a few minutes > and millet !

no wheat ... if at all possible> rather rye !
not even  wholemeal ... because our gut can not cope with  ...
because in nature there is no crop

all just cultured from grass seeds !
and grass seeds > as soon as ripe > will fall to the ground
so can not be used mostly !!!


transportation should demand some physical activity or a people will degenerate !

so .... bicycles on land .... sailing at sea !

trucks should only be for short distances ..... freighters & rail ways for long !

most of all > only the insane > are speeding around .... in circles !

only they are out for a hunt or are on flight
homo sapiens are doing travel for their own  pleasure
meaning > to travel as slowly as possible ...

to enjoy the country side .....

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